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Abhishek Impex is a leading and widely renowned manufacturer and supplier of a large number of organic chemicals like Sodium Monochloroacetate (S.M.C.A), Monochloroacetic Acid (M.C.A), Pigment Beta Blue 15:3, E.D.T.A, Cleaning Chemicals etc.
Abhishek Impex Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
Abhishek Impex
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The corrosion is the biggest issue related to the extraction and refining of the - crude oil and petroleum products and lot of money is lost due to the heavy corrosion onshore as well as offshore.

We have unique Specialty Corrosion Inhibitors for acidising well / stimulation process, mud drilling, desulfonation process.

Along with oilfield chemicals, we also offer very good quality of Bactericides to control the bacterial corrosion oilfield applications.


The Biocides are utilized for putting off the growth of biological and chemical organisms that are harmful for the human health. This formulation is composed using graded anti-fouling agents and disinfectants to ensure excellent functioning against fouling and scaling. Biocides is comprised of unique corrosion inhibitors, which protects metal surfaces of the industrial equipments from rust.

  • Improvise heat loss for cooling towers
  • Impeccable scale removal
  • Insect repellent
  • Excellent prevention from life taking diseases like legionella
  • Exterminate microbes and fungi
  • Protection against germs
  • Improvise productivity
  • Lowers power consumption
  • Water treatment plants
  • Air conditioning
  • Dairy & ice cream processing unit
  • Breweries
  • Refineries
  • HVAC systems

Corrosion Inhibitor

The Corrosion Inhibitor is a chemical compound, which is used for degrading the corrosion rate on metal surface of industrial equipments. Corrosion Inhibitor are formulated to minimize the corrosive effect of water or oil on the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. This formulation effectively puts off corrosion on pipelines and equipment and ensure improvisation in productivity.

  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent prevention from corrosion
  • Accurate pH value
  • Miscible in water
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas industries
  • Food processing units

Oxygen Scavenger

The Oxygen Scavenger is the medium that is used for arresting oxygen from sea water. This formulation is composed of inorganic chemicals and active bisulphate solutions to excellently pickling the oxygen. This clear yellow colored solution buffers the pH and reduces the alkalinity of the water. Our offered scavenger is advisable to be stored in a closed container to keep it away from direct sunlight. To ensure safe handling, it must be used by wearing goggles and gloves.

  • Minimize oxidation corrosion
  • Removes oxygen
  • Accurate pH value
  • Saves power energy
  • Biodegradable
  • Oil refineries
  • Reducing agent in Photographic chemical
  • Reducing agent for caramel
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food & beverage industry

Molecular Weight : 99
Assay : 65% Min.
Specific Gravity : 1.38 to 1.410
Product name : Oxygen Scavenger - (NH4) HSO3
Molecular formula : (NH4) HSO3
Physical appearance : Clear, Yellow colored solution


In the manufacturing process and texturising of Nylon 6, Polyester & Polypropylene yarn the cleaning and maintaince of several special parts is critical and tricky.

We have the full range of cleaning chemicals and cleaning products for such specialty and critical cleaning like: -

Candle & Spinneret Cleaning Chemicals

The Candle & Spinneret Cleaning Chemicals are utilized for unblocking the chocked holes of candles and spinnerets. This formulation is processed prudently from the best grade constituents to excellently cut the impurities and contaminants stuck in the holes of candles and spinnerets. These chemicals are composed of superior grade cleaning agents to make sure excellent cleaning of the candles assemblies utilized in fabric industries.

  • Safe to use
  • Non-corrosive
  • Unblock the holes
  • Remove the inert matter
  • Complete removal of polymeric material
  • Non-toxic

Spinneret Carbon Cleaning Chemicals

The Spinneret Carbon Cleaning Chemicals are ideally used for cleaning the carbon deposited on the internal surface of the spinnerets. These chemicals are composed by using effective cleaning agents and corrosion inhibitors to ensure efficient crackdown of the impurities from the surfaces. Our carbon cleaning chemicals are also used for confiscating oil, dirt and grease from the metal surface of spinnerets.

  • Precise pH value
  • Non-toxic
  • High efficacy
  • Improvised productivity
  • Remove polymeric materials
  • Filters buoyant particles

Pump Cleaning Chemicals

The Pump Cleaning Chemicals are used for cleaning the pumps. These chemicals are formulated using premium grade constituents like corrosion inhibitors and cleaning agents to ensure impeccable cleaning of residual contaminants. These chemicals remove the impurities deposited on the metal surfaces of the pump. It is effective in removing the scale, grime, dirt and corrosion from the pump.

  • Low viscosity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-crystallizable
  • Chemically inert
  • Eco friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Prevent scaling

Cooling Water Tubes Cleaning Chemicals

The Cooling Water Tube Cleaning Chemicals are utilized for removing impurities from the surface of cooling water tubes. This chemical range is formulated from the best grade anti-foulants to protect water tubes from fouling and scale. The chemicals offered by us are highly effective in removing the scale and inhibiting corrosion.

  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Chemically non-reactive
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco friendly
  • Prevention from scale
  • Fiber plants
  • Garment industry
  • Line Flushing & Bleaching Chemicals,
  • Primary Heater Track Cleaning Chemicals,
  • Ceramic / PU/ Plasma Coated Disc Cleaning Chemicals,
Besides these we also have specialized team of experts which is engaged in continuous R&D of different tailor made product development - to meet your specific needs.


The Turkey Red Oil is utilized in divergent industries for different industries. This amber colored viscous oil is processed by using castor oil and sulfuric acid, which has dissimilar scent.

It is utilized in different manners in different industries such as leveling agent in paper coating, de-inking of printing press, organic manure in agriculture, surfactants & wetting agent in textile, emulsifier in cosmetic industries. this oil is also used as humectants in cosmetic industries and as emulsifier for oil bath.

  • Miscible in water
  • Excellent moisturizing capacity
  • Makes wonderful base for bath oil
  • Synthetic detergent
  • Suitable for different industries
  • Acts as different agent for particular industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry as undecylenate
  • Cosmetic as emulsifier
  • Production of leather board
  • Textile industry as surfactants and wetting agents
  • Paper industry for defoaming
  • Sugar industry
  • Metal working
  • Carrier for vegetable oils
  • Prevent excessive etching
Technical Data Sheet of Turkey Red Oil (Tro) 70%
Melting point < 0
Boiling Point > 150
Solubility Miscible in Water, gives a clear solution.
Specific Gravity 1.015@20 for 50% and 1.03@20 for 70%
Sulphonation degree Minimum 4.0

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